Classifications of Fixed Partial Dentures or Bridges

A Fixed Partial Denture is a prosthesis which is used to replace missing teeth by taking support from natural tooth or roots adjacent to the space. The FPD or bridge can be placed taking support from either a natural tooth or a Dental Implant supported Prosthesis. There are many types of Fixed partial dentures or Bridges based on multiple factors such as location, number of teeth, support, materials used, connector type, construction and Fixed of Removable.

Fixed partial dentures have lots of advantages for the patient as they are fixed and not removable bring ease of use to the patient and also helps in maintaining dental hygiene better when compared to Removable partial Dentures. There are certain Indications and Contraindications of Fixed Partial Dentures which have to be considered before planning a Fixed prosthesis.

Classification of Fixed Partial Dentures or Bridges:

1) Depending upon Location:

  • Anterior FPD
  • Posterior FPD

2) Depending upon support: 

Tooth Supported FPD :

  • Conventional or Rigid FPD
  • Cantilever FPD

Resin Bonded FPD: 

  • Conventional
  • Fibre reinforced

Implant Supported FPD: 

  • Screw Retained FPD
  • Cement Retained FPD

3) Depending upon material used:

  • Metal Ceramic FPD
  • All Ceramic FPD
  • Cast Metal FPD
  • Resin Veneered FPD

Classifications of Fixed Partial Dentures and Bridges

4) Depending upon number of teeth:

  • 2 unit bridge
  • 3 Unit bridge
  • 4 unit bridge and so on depending on the number of teeth

5) Depending upon amount of reduction of tooth:

  • Minimal preparation bridge
  • Conventional preparation bridge
  • Hybrid bridge

6) Depending upon Connector:

  • Fixed – Fixed bridge – Anterior, posterior: Both ends have a rigid or fixed connector prepared parallel to each other and provides more retention in comparison to the Fixed removable design.
  • Fixed movable bridge – Anterior, Posterior
  • Cantilever bridges: Support for the pontic is only on one side without taking support from the tooth on the other side
  • Springs cantilever bridges
  • Compound bridges

7) Depending upon Construction: This classification is based on the process of fabrication of FPD

  • Cast Metal FPD
  • CAD CAM assisted FPD
  • Direct fibre reinforced RB FPD

8) Depending upon Fixed or Removable type:

  • Fixed – fixed FPD
  • Fixed – movable FPD
  • Fixed – Semi movable FPD



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