Does Clove Oil work for Toothache?

Clove Oil has been recommended by our elders long before there were any medicines to help in relieving Toothache from hundreds of years. So let us look at the science behind the use of Clove oil for relieving toothache, whether it helps in removing just the pain or has any anticeptic or antibiotics effect as well or not. The main chemical found in Clove is Eugenol which helps in reducing the pain in the tooth which is being used in Dentistry from long.

Clove Oil has been found in many ancient Indian texts dating back hundreds of years a medicine to cure toothache. As it contains Eugenol it helps in relieving the pain temporarily. Due to this property, in 1837, Eugenol was combined with Magnesium oxide and used as a temporary filling material which can help in both relieving pain as well filling the cavity temporarily.

Later the Temporary filling material was made with Eugenol and Zinc Oxide replacing the magnesium oxide and termed as Zinc Oxide Eugenol which is the most commonly used Temporary Filling material. With the advancements in Dentistry the use of Eugenol has also evolved including it in Periodontal treatments, abscess, root canal therapy, Interim Restorations (IPC), etc.

Clove oil for toothache

How does Clove Oil help in Relieving Toothache:

Clove Oil consists of Eugenol which acts as an Anesthetic along with having antibacterial properties. Many studies even suggest Clove Oil to contain Antifungal along with Anti-inflammatory properties which help in its varied uses.

Clove Oil or Eugenol Oil will be available in any medical stores or even super markets. The Oil can be used on infected gums or abscess and also on carious teeth to help relieve pain.

Clove oil does not kill the nerve in the tooth but it just anesthetizes the nerve and helps in relieving toothpain.

How to Use Clove Oil for Tooth pain:

Clove Oil is available in the form of Oil or Paste which can be applied on the tooth or Gums to relieve pain.

If you are using Oil, take a small swab of cotton and dip it in the Oil and place it on the tooth affected or the carious hole and bite down on it. This lets the oil seep into the affected tooth thus relieving the pain.

If you are using the Clove Oil as a paste, just apply the paste on to the affected tooth or Gums and leave it their.

In case of Emergency you can also use a whole clove, by placing it on the offended tooth and slowly biting down on it to release the oil which helps in relieving the pain.

It is not given scientifically about how long clove oil last for toothache as it depends on the underlying pathology for which it is being used.

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