What is a Complete Denture?

Definition: A dental prosthesis which replaces the entire dentition(teeth) and associated structures of maxilla and mandible.

It is also known as Full Dentures.

Diagnosis in Fabrication of Complete Denture

The Steps in Fabrication of Complete Denture

Advantages of using a Complete Denture:

Mastication: i think this is the main advantage of the complete dentures where the patient can hard substances.

Phonetics: The patient can pronounce more efficiently and the dental sounds are more refined with its use.

Aesthetics: This is also one of the main advantages of using C.D, the patients face shows fullness(labial fullness) which brings back the charm lost.

Confidence: The confidence and self esteem of the patient is brought back, and will be free to talk in public.

Health: Health of the patient is better with its use as the patient can now eat a variety of hard and soft substances.