Complications Of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction in the past ages was considered to be the job of a layman which anyone could do, For example the stories which depict that a loose tooth can be extracted by tying a thread to the tooth and tying it to the door knob and slamming it shut will extract the tooth painlessly.

These are all stories told by granies to make children sleep and to remove fear from their minds about tooth extraction.

And because of the horrifying experiences of people during tooth extractions done without Anaesthetic agents, it is still sitting hard in people’s minds that Tooth extraction is the most dreaded procedure and leading to Extraction Phobia despite the modern methods of Anaesthesia coming into play.

The main causes for these complications to arise are:

  • Operator Inadequacies
  • Patient not following the doctor’s advice
  • Predisposition by existing compromised conditions
  • Lack of proper preoperative assessment  (or) Diagnosis

Fracture of Maxillary Tuberosity along with 2nd and 3rd molars during extraction of 1st maxillary molar

The Various Complications Caused due to Exodontic Procedures are as follows:

  1. Excessive Haemorrhage
  2. Dry Socket
  3. Trismus
  4. Spread of Infections
  5. Creation of Oro-Antral communication
  6. Infection including acute Osteomyelitis of mandible
  7. TMJ Dislocation
  8. Fractures of roots of teeth
  9. Displacement of root into soft tissues or into the maxillary antrum
  10. Damage to Nerve’s or its branches
  11. Damage to the soft tissues like Gums, Lips, Tongue, and floor of the mouth, cheeks
  12. Fracture of alveolar bone
  13. Fracture of alveolar Tuberosity
  14. Fracture of Mandible
  15. Damage to adjacent Tooth
  16. Delayed Healing
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