Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Abroad

Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry is defined a branch of dentistry which deals with improving the physical appearance of the Hard and soft tissue structures in the oral cavity.

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the following treatments:

cosmetic dentistry treatment procedures

Teeth Whitening:  It is the basic part of cosmetic dentistry which involves Oral Prophylaxis, Bleaching, Laser teeth whitening techniques, there are many other traditional natural teeth whitening techniques which are not tried and tested.

Dental Implants: Dental implants is a very important part of cosmetic dentistry which helps in restoring lost teeth with the help of Osseointegration of metal to bone and it is also a very conservative procedure as it prevents the necessity of crown preparation of teeth adjacent to the edentulous space for support

Dental Veneers: Veneering is a procedure which uses a layer of restoration material to cover the surface defects of the teeth. Porcelain and Composites are used as veneers. The Surface defects which most commonly need veneers is Fluorosis, Amelogenesis and Dentinogenesis imperfecta etc.

Dental Fillings: Dental fillings which include Amalgam, Gic, Composites are used to restore tooth structure which was destroyed by pathological causes like Caries or Trauma. Dental restorations are used to restore the fractured anterior teeth which form aver important part of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Bridges: Dental Bridges are the artificial prosthesis which are used to replace missing teeth by taking support from existing abutment teeth. The edentulous  area of the dentition is replaced by pontics using either Cast Metal, Porcelain, Ceramic etc. Dental bridges are designed based on the number of teeth missing and the support of the abutment teeth.

Dental Crowns: Dental Crowns are artificial prosthesis which are used to cover the the teeth which have undergone Root Canal Treatment and have become brittle. Using a Dental crown in anterior teeth is seen in conditions like Amelogenesis imperfecta or Dentinogenesis imperfecta.

Reshaping of Tooth: This procedure is done mostly in the upper maxillary Central incissors. Here the reshaping of the Mesial and Distal angulations of the incisal edges are done sometimes Rounded and sometimes the edges are made into sharp right angles depending on the shape of the face of the patient.

reshaping teeth - cosmetic dentistry

De pigmentation of Gums: It is also called as Gum bleaching which is the procedure to lighten the pigmentation of the gums acting on the melanin deposition in the gingiva which leads to the darkly pigmented gingiva. It is a type of bleaching acting on the Soft tissue instead of the hard tissue.

de pigmentation of gums - Cosmetic dentistry

Gingival Lift: It is a cosmetic dental treatment procedure which is used mainly in patients suffering with “Gummy Smile”. Here the Dentist alters the visibility of the gingival tissue seen on smiling. This procedure involves altering the Alveolar bone and soft tissue gingiva.

Cosmetic dentistry in certain countries is a very costly affair and in some countries abroad cosmetic dentistry is cheaper.

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