DCI Trying to Increase PG seats for the relief of BDS graduates

DCI urges increase in PG seats for dental students Dental Council of India acting chairman Mahesh Verma was concerned about the low number of PG seats for Dental Students which is 40% of the PG seats of Medical field. The fact that there are just 9 branches in Dentistry for PG and 32 in medical play a key role in the number of seats.

It is very alarming to see that there are just 3000 seats of PG in dentistry when compared to the 24,000 dental graduates passing out every year. The ratio coming upto 8:1.

The Discussion regarding the PG dental seats was at the Dental conference Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences, where Dr. Sudha of Nageswara Rao Dental College and Dr. Verma of Government Dental College said that the DCI was trying to overcome some problems to increase the PG seats.

Where they were concentrating on the aspect of increasing the seats in Andhra Pradesh in particular where the competition is particularly very high compared to the other states.

Mahesh Verma has said that the Council is doing its best to increase the total number of seats in post-graduate courses from the present 3,000 in tune with the increasing demand for dentists.

Dr. Verma has advised the students to acquire additional skills like management and entrepreneurial skills to do well in their profession and not just concentrate on PG.

IDA national president L. Krishna Prasad urged the DCI to increase the number of PG seats. Government Dental College Principal and organising committee chairman T. Murali Mohan urged the DCI to sanction PG seats in the college.

Source: The Hindu

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