Definitions – Bacteria, Plaque and Arches

1) Commensal bacteria : It is the mutual relationship between organisms of 2 different species in which one organism is slightly benefited and the other is not affected by the others presence . The 2 organisms can be divided as Host and the other is the commensal as they stay in the body of the host without causing any discomfort under normal conditions to the host

Ex. Human and the commensal bacteria(Streptococcus) in the oral cavity.

2) Dental Plaque : It is a gelatinous mass of mucin and the commensal bacteria present in the oral cavity which becomes thik if not removed regurarly which can lead to Dental Caries . The bacteria which form the biofilm are the normal bacteria present in our mouth which are normally harmless under normal conditions but here they produce acids which deminrelises the tooth surface leading to all kind of complications.

This can be Prevented if we take good care of our teeth by daily brushing and flossing them properly, better if done 2 times a day once in the morning and once in the night before going to sleep .

3) Maxillary and Mandibular acrh : The arch refers to a structure which is curved in appearance ,the dental arches or the Mandibular & Maxillary dental arches are the structures in the mouth which supports the teeth .

Mandibular arch
: It is the lower arch which is the movable part of the two. It is made up of bone on which the 16 teeth are arranged in symmetry . It is attached to the face by a joint(Temporomandibular) which is anterior to the ear.

Maxillary Arch : It is the upper arch which is attached to the face and is located just below the nasal cavity . It also supports the 16 teeth on the upper side . This arch has no movement it is embeded in the face .

4) Vestigial: This word refers to any thing which is of no use to its surroundings . Some times we refer to some parts of the body as Vestigial parts which do not play any role in the functioning of the body Ex. Appendix , Hair on the body for males , 3rd molar. these parts are slowly being removed from the body as a part of evolution.

5) Calcified : Some soft tissue structures are hardened when Calcium or its salts get deposited on them and turn them hard overtime so these structures are hardened .

Ex : Enamel , Dentin , Cementum

6) Non-Calcified : The tissues which do not have any Calcium deposition on them and are totally made up of cells which are living and functional .

Ex : All the Epithelia , Pulp , Periodontial Ligament.

7) Cavity : It is the prepared space in the tooth to remove caries, or also to compensate the restoration. It can also be defined as the post carious and pre operative procedure.

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