Dental Anatomy

Dental Anatomy : It is the branch of Gross anatomy which deals with morphology of teeth and its surrounding structures (oral cavity).

  • It can also be defined as the study and classification of different teeth in the oral cavity. In this subject we learn about the morphology of all the 28 teeth in our oral cavity which are entirely different from each other in many characteristics, we have to learn about their development and each and every morphological aspect and we should be knowing ways to differentiate each tooth from the other so that we get a better idea on the tooth which we are operating on,we learn about their measurements which are mostly in millimeters as we know the teeth are very small structures present in mouth.
  • In Dental Anatomy we also have to learn about the anomalies which are seen in teeth which take place during the developmental stages itself. There are Practical going on simultaneously along with theory, in practical we have to carve a tooth with all its appropriate measurement on a Wax block , This exercise is so much fun and as well difficult to do, During these exercises all our classrooms and hostel rooms will be full of wax.

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