Importance Of Dental Business Management for Dental Students and Dentists

Business management for Dentists is as important as it is important for people doing business, dentists are people who have to deal with having medical knowledge and simultaneously have Business management skills for maintaining their Clinics successfully.

8 Most successful Dental Marketing Tips and Tricks

For a sucessfull Dental Practice Students should be taught that:

  Dental Practice = Humanitarian Attitude + Business Attitude

And BDS should have a new subject “Dental Business Management” which will be very helpful for students who are going to set up a clinic.

Here are the few things for the Dental Councils all over the world to consider for Dental Students and Dentists:

1. Running a Dental Clinic is no less than maintaining a Business:

In Dental Schools they take every effort to make sure that we are a sucessfull Dentist but do not teach us the art of business management to maintain our dental clinic. You have to be taught in Dental School itself the art of business management which is necessary to maintain a Successful Dental Clinic. Running a successful Dental Practice needs Business attitude.

dental practice management

2. Dentists need to maintain Humanitarian attitude as well as Business Attitude:

Dentists have to maintain the Humanitarian attitude as we are Health care providers and have taken an oath to help the people in need. There are many situations in which we have to have a huge heart rather than having a huge pocket thinking about money. This is where the Business attitude kicks in, we have to have good business to keep us happy and satisfied.

  Dental Practice = Humanitarian Attitude + Business Attitude

When the balance is made that is when you can have a successful Dental Practice.

Humanitarian Dentistry

3. Dentists are taught how to relieve the patient of his problem but not taught how to bring/attract the patient to his clinic:

Dentists are taught in college the various aspects of dental treatment and taught many procedures which help him treat and relieve the patients of their problems but the Dental Student is never taught “How to Attract the Patients to his Clinic”.

Attracting Dental Patients = Dental Business (This should be a subject in BDS course)

The Competition is growing very fast as the number of Dentists are growing very rapidly so the art of Business management and Advertising is a must have at the present time. As we cannot expect the patients to come to your clinic without any effort of yours in attracting them.

What are the ways you learn Dental Business management:

  1. Dental Business Management Books – You can get innumerable number of books which teach you the art of Dental Business
  2. Internet – there are many dentists who share their experiences, which is the best source of learning what is good and what is bad for our dental practice
  3. Self experience (Trial and Error) – Learn from your own mistakes
  4. Observing your seniors: Observe your seniors as they are in the situation in which you will be in the next 1 or 2 yrs, so learn from them what they do, how they do, and what is good and what is bad. Imagine them as specimens or Test rats and learn by observing them and taking tips from them.
  5. Other Businesses:Look at other businesses and learn how they are advertising and attracting their customers by giving away attractive offers.

So i Kindly Request Dental Universities and the Dental Councils to

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