List of Dental Forums for Dental Students to follow

Under given is a collection of dentistry forums, which can be very useful to dental students who can come in contact with Dental students and other dentists around the world and share their views and communicate to gain loads of information, about exams, any new techniques, practice management, etc. It is very important to keep yourself updated with latest happenings in the Dental world and what better than Forums which have other dentists, dental students, dental hygienists etc to share their views and to help each other out.
Hope the below-given list is helpful to all the dental students, dental hygienists and Dentists around the world and make sure that you also participate in the discussions in the forum to help others out.
  1. Dentistry Forum
  5. Dentaltwins Dental Bulletin Board
  6. MedHelp
  7. Cosmetic dentistry forums
  8. About Cosmetic Dentistry Discussion
  9. AGD Dental Advisor
  10. Healthboards – Dental Problems

If you have any other Dental Forums which you think are useful to others, please share in the comments section which will be reviewed and added to the list. You can watch other dentists share any new and unique cases and new techniques can be learned about through active participation in the forums. In the Dental field, it is never late to learn something new and with the many advances in Dentistry learning about these can help you in improving your overall skills and your practice giving your patients the best dental treatment. 

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