Dental Instruments

The instruments used in 1st year of dentistry are mostly the technical instruments and some of the clinical instruments. In 1st year Dentistry we mostly learn the work done by technicians and learn about their work practically, so we use the instruments used by them which are non clinical.

The instruments used are:

1) Macintosh sheet: This is a rubbery material, which is very rigid and is used to keep the surroundings clean from the work done.

2) Plaster Spatula: This is a broad bladed spatula which is used to mix the Plaster of Paris in an efficient way. There re 2 types of these spatulas: 1) Straight

  • Curved Spatula: This is similar to the straight spatula but the only difference is that it has a slightly curved blade which helps in mixing the contents of the bowl by pressing against the walls of the bowl.

3) Plaster Knife: This is an instrument which is used to handle the plaster of Paris and apply it in a way which is needed.

4) Rubber Bowl: This is a bowl made out of rubber which is elastic to some extent and help in easy and good mixing of the plaster of Paris and also an Alginate(Impression material) .

5) Cement Spatula: This is a clinical instrument which we use in our daily practice, It has a wide bladed face and a long handle so that there is a big surface area to mix the liquid and the powder of the cement to get an appropriate mix. And apply them into the prepared cavities to get the tooth structure back to its original state.

6) Agate Spatula: This is also used to mix dental cement but it is made out of plastic, as there are cements which react with the metal of the steel spatula, mainly this spatula is used to mix GIC ( glass ionomer cement)

7) Glass Slab: It is used to mix the constituents of the cement together in a proper way and to get a flat surface to mix on, So it is used as a platform to mix the cements.

8 ) Lacron Carver: It is an instrument which has a blade on one side and a scoop like thing on the other side of it. It is an instrument used in Dental anatomy practical’s where we have to carve teeth out of the wax blocks.

9 ) Stainless Steel Scale: It is a regular measuring scale used in various departments while making wax carvings in Dental Anatomy, while making pop cubes, etc.


10) Impression Trays: These are metal trays which are used to carry the Impression material into the mouth and give support to the impression material so that there is a good impression (or) a replica of the oral cavity.impression tray

The Impression Trays are of 2 main types:

1) Dentulous: These are trays which are used to take impressions of people with teeth or of a dentulous mouth.

2) Edentulous: These are trays which are used to take impressions in an edentulous mouth or a patient without teeth.

The are again divided into two types, based on the presence of perforations in it:


1) Perforated: There are small perforations or holes in the tray.

2) Non-Perforated: There are no perforations in the trays as they are used to carry impression materials which are not rigid Ex. Alginate.

We learn about these Dental instruments as we need have a insight into our profession.