A Museum about Dentistry

We have gone to many museums but recently i came across a website which belongs to the National Museum Of Dentistry.

I never expected a museum on Dentistry, Started in 1996 and getting the designation as the Official Dental Museum in 2003.

It provides the visitors with innovative, age appropriate, oral health-based educational programming for school groups, families, and the annual Dr. Jack W. Gottschalk Lecture for professionals.

There are atleast 40,000 objects related to the history of dentistry, which covers most of dentistry and educates the visitors about the importance of dentistry.

The Museum also displays the permanent exhibition 32 Terrific Teeth featuring Queen Victoria’s gilded dental instruments, George Washington’s denture.

There is also a Dental Juke box, with all the Vintage dental commercials playing in it.

Visit the museum Discover fascinating hands-on exhibitions, sing along to vintage toothpaste commercials, and celebrate the heritage and future of dentistry.

The must see of this museum are the Special Exhibitions, which are very innovative and are filled with technology and will make your weekend with children a memorable one.

The Special Exhibitions are:

Marvelous Mouth: Discover the wide world of braces, brushing, and beautiful teeth in a new hands-on exhibition targeted for children.

Mouth Power: This includes, Learn the parts of a tooth, practice brushing and flossing on a huge mouth, explore healthy eating, and find out how tobacco can harm your teeth. Plus dress up and role play a visit to the dentist in a child-size “office.”

And many more. .

To know more about the museum visit National Museum Of Dentistry

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