Dental Pain

dental pain

Dental pain is the main reason why a patient comes to a doctor especially a dentist because the dental pain is the worst pain of the lot.

Predisposing factors: Dental pain is can be caused due to many reasons regarding the parts surrounding the mouth like the jaws and teeth, but the most common reason is a cavity in the tooth or a tooth decay which leads to sharp, severe and throbbing unbearable pain or tooth impactionand sometime due to the third molar which grows sidewards.

Pain in the tooth should not be neglected as it is the symptom of the diseased condition which needs immediate attention of a doctor.

Causes: dental pain is caused mainly by tooth cavity, tooth decay, tooth fracture, exposed tooth root, gum disease, TMJ joint problems etc. 

Diagnosis: Tests for the sensitised teeth are done: Heat test, Cold test etc  

Temporary treatment till you get to a doctor: During pain it is best to avoid hot and cold substances and to mainly avoid hard substances as they aggrevate the problem, clove oil applied on the affected area has beed considered to be the oldest and best known temporary cure for tooth ache, . These precautions can help you relieve the pain till you get to the doctor and get the real cause treated.

Precautions: As all say precaution is better than cure, so it is better we avoid any harmful substances which cause discomfort and can lead to dental pain, like taking very hot and cold substances should be avoided as well as hard subtances which can expose the sensitive layers of the tooth and cause pain.

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