Dental Treatment for a Tomy a 3,000-pound hippopotamus

It might sound a bit wired but a hippopotamus  with huge teeth gets a dental treatment. Now we all will wonder how, why and what kind of treatment a 3000 pound hippopotamus will require.

Tomy, a 3,000-pound hippopotamus residing at the Parque de las Ciencias Luis A. Ferré zoo and museum in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, was treated upon by Dr. Loomis who has been treating the 39-year-old hippo since 1991.

Tomy the Hippopotamus had a problem with his overgrown tooth which was interrupting with his mouth closure and making it difficult for t to chew its food properly. So Dr. Loomis had to trim the excess part of the tooth to make the mouth closure normal.

Completely Anesthetizing a Hippopotamus is going to be very difficult due to the large size of the animal and the anesthetic agent required to anesthetize is very dangerously close to the lethal level hence it is contraindicated and will risk the life of the animal, so Dr. Loomis had calculated the dose to a level which will partially anesthetize the animal which will allow Dr. Loomis to operate on the animal when it will be in a sitting position.

Dr. Lomis anesthetized the animal and trimmed the tooth so that it can close the mouth normally eat like before with a hippopotamus appetite thanks to Dr. Loomis.

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