Differences between INBDE vs NBDE Part 1 and Part 2 for DDS in USA

Foreign trained Dentists to practice Dentistry in USA need to clear an Examination – INBDE – Integrated National Board Dental Examination which is replacing the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I and Part II Examinations which was being conducted in the past. INBDE is a replacement or a combination of NBDE Part I and Part II into a single integrated exam. With the introduction of INBDE the process is set to become much easier as compared to before. Let us look at all the other rules and regulations which are tend to change.

Difference between INBDE vs NBDE Part I and Part II

INBDE Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: From when will NBDE Part I and Part II be discontinued?

Ans 1: NBDE Part I is discontinued from December 31st, 2020 while NBDE Part II will be discontinued from July 31st, 2022.

Q 2: From when will INBDE be implemented?

Ans 2: INBDE has been started from August 1st, 2020.

Q 3: What exactly is INBDE?

Ans 3: It is Integrated National Board Dental Examination for dental licensure which is replacing NBDE Part I and Part II examinations. It is a combination of NBDE Part I and Part II. The examination assists dental boards in determining whether the foreign trained dentists are eligible for practicing Dentistry in USA.

Q 4: What are the details of INBDE Examination?

Ans 4: INBDE is a two-day examination with a total of 500 total items

  • Day 1: It should betaken on a Computer and is made up of 360 test items – 3 sets of 100 items and 1 set of 60 case questions
  • Day 2: It consists of 140 test items comprising of 2 sets of 70 case questions

Q 5: What is the time duration of INBDE?

Ans 5: The total duration of INBDE examination for two days is 12 hours and 30 minutes which includes the tutorial, survey and also the scheduled breaks.

Q 6: What should students who have not cleared NBDE Part I after October 31st, 2020 do?

Ans 6: All Students who have not cleared or passed NBDE Part I by October 31, 2020 should take INBDE.

Q 7: How is INDBE Score given?

Ans 7: INBDE score is given on a scale of 49-99.

Q 8: What is the passing score for INBDE?

Ans 8: The passing score for INBDE is 75 or anything above.

Q 9: Will the Numeric Score be given to students?

Ans 9: The Numeric score will not be given to the students who pass or clear the examination while students who have failed the examination will receive their performance report.

Q 10: Who is eligible to register and appear for INDBE?

Ans 10: Graduates of International dental schools must be prepared to submit their official dental school transcripts verified by Educational Evaluators

Q 11: How many days do we need to wait after each unsuccessful INBDE Examination attempt?

Ans 11: The waiting period after each unsuccessful INBDE attempt is a minimum of 90 days. Candidate must wait a minimum of 90 days between each unsuccessful attempt to appear again for the examination.

Q 12: What is the Maximum number attempts NBDE or INBDE be taken for?

Ans 12: Five Years / Five Attempts Eligibility Rule under JCNDE which states that the candidate must clear the examination within Five Years of the first attempt or within Five Attempts  – whichever comes first.

This means after 5 years of your first attempt or after 5 attempts of NBDE or INBDE, the candidate can take the test after 12 months after the most recent examination.

So the candidate should wait for 1 year before their next attempt and not 90 days after 5 attempts or 5 years after your first examination.

Q 13: Any Official Source of Information regarding INBDE from ADA for 2021? 

Ans 13: ADA has released a comprehensive guide for the INBDE examination in accordance with JCNDE or Joint Commision on National Dental Examinations – Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) 2021 Candidate Guide – Link.

Q 14: What is the Examination Fees of INBDE?

Ans 14: The fees mentioned here are in U.S Dollars and are non-refundable and non0transferable.

  • INDBE Fee: $750
  • Processing Fee for International Candidates: $235
  • Results Report Fee (optional): $45 per report
  • Results Audit Fee (optional): $65
  • INBDE Certificate:
  • Eligibility Extension Fee: $125
  • Q 15

Q 15: What is the Examination Schedule for INBDE?

Ans 15: 

Examination Schedule for INBDE

Source: https://www.ada.org/~/media/JCNDE/pdfs/INBDE_Guide.pdf?la=en

Q 16: What are the Rescheduling Fees for INBDE?

Ans 16: The Rescheduling Fees are based on the number of days prior to the testing appointment.

  • $25 – 30 or more days before the test date
  • $60 – 5-29 days before schedule test date
  • $150 – 1-4 days before schedule test date
  • Full testing fees will be forfeited: If the candidate fails to appear for a schedule testing appointment.
  1. June 8, 2021
  2. December 6, 2021
  3. May 4, 2022

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