Duration of Action of Local Anesthetic Agents

Given under are the Duration of actions of some of the commonly used Local Anesthetic agents in Dental Practice. The uses of different local anesthetic agents in different situations is based on the duration of local anesthesia. Long acting Anesthetic agents are used in surgical procedures which are time taking and short or medium acting agents are used in procedures which are of shorter duration.

Duration of action of various Local anesthetic agents used in dental practice:

  1. Etidocaine – 200 min
  2. Bupivacaine – 175 min
  3. Tetracaine – 175 min
  4. Lignocaine – 175 min (Commonly used for Tooth Extraction and also as a Topical Local Anesthetic agent)
  5. Procaine – 50 min (Used in children because of the short duration of action, which prevents self inflicting injuries to the lip under anesthesia)

As you can see that Lignocaine is the widely used Local anesthetic agent for Tooth Extraction or any minor Surgical procedure, the

Duration of Action of Local anesthesia after a Dental or Tooth extraction3 hrs after the LA injection was given

So there is no need to worry about the numbness and lack of sensation after a tooth extraction which is not reduced even after returning home from the clinic, but you have to visit your dentist if the Numbness and Lack of sensation are not reduced even after 4-5 hrs of LA injection.

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