Eruption timing / sequence of Primary or Decidious teeth

At about the age of 6-8 months there is a start in the eruption of the primary dentition through the alveolar gingiva. The first anterior teeth can be seen around the 6th to 8th month after birth, and the first posterior tooth can be seen at around 16 months.

There are 20 primary or milk teeth present in a human being. The baby teeth start to come into the mouth after the age of 6 months and it varies from individual to individual up to 8 months of age. The first teeth to be seen are the lower central incisors or the lower front teeth, followed by the upper front central incisors. There is a range for the eruption of each teeth because of the variation seen from person to person sometimes early and sometimes late which is caused due to various reasons. In case of certain health issues there is delay in eruption, thick gingiva is another cause.

The development of tooth can be considered in 2 stages:

  1. Formation of crown and root: The formation of the tooth takes place inside the Alveolar bone
  2. Eruption of the tooth

eruption of deciduous teeth

The sequence of eruption of Primary teeth:

Central incisor (A) followed by Lateral incisor (B) followed by First Molar (C) followed by Canine (D) and the last to erupt is the Second Molar(E).


If the sequence of eruption and the ‘fall out’ of the teeth are in the same order. In case the teeth are not erupting in the time which is given above, it is better to consult a Dentist to see what the cause for the delay is. In some cases, we have to provide a way for the tooth to erupt by cutting the gingiva above the erupting tooth. If you are seeing a blue or black color swelling in the place where the tooth has to erupt it is called as Eruption Cyst¬†which also causes delay in tooth eruption.

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