Fascial Spaces of Head and Neck region

Fascial Space is portion of anatomy that is partially or completely walled by fascial membrane. Fascial area are potential areas between layers of fascia.

Fascial space areas are filled normally with loose connective tissue which readily breakdown when invaded by infection, leading to large swelling.

Fascial space infections are the most common cause of swellings in the head and neck region

These fascia of the head and neck may be divided into:

  1. Superficial Fascia
  2. Deep Cervical Fascia

Classification of Fascial Spaces:

There are 16 fascial spaces in the Head and Neck region, which are further divided into 4 types:

  1. Fascial Spaces of the Face
  2. Suprahyoid Fascial Spaces
  3. Infrahyoid Spaces
  4. Fascial Spaces of the Neck

Fascial Spaces of the Face:

1. Canine Space
2. Buccal Space
3. Masticatory Space

  • Massetric spaces
  • Pterygomandibular space
  • Temporal Space (Zygomaticotemporal space)

4. Parotid Space
5. Infratemporal Space

Suprahyoid Fascial Spaces:

  1. Sublingual space
  2. Submental space
  3. Submandibular space
  4. lateral Pharyngeal space
  5. Peritonsillar space

Infrahyoid Space:

  1. Pretracheal space

Fascial Spaces of the Neck:

  1. Retropharyngeal space
  2. Danger space
  3. Space of the carotid sheath


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