Fluid Aspirations consistency color and type from Cysts and Cavities of Oral cavity

Cysts of the oral cavity contain fluid filled in the cavities which varies in consistency, color and protein content which help in differentiating and diagnosis based on these findings. Aspiration of fluid is done with the help of needle and syringe.

Here we are going to list out the various Cysts of the Oral cavity and their Fluid Aspirates their consistency, color and other features:

Dentigerous cyst Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is Clear, pale, straw colored fluid which contains “Cholesterol crystals” and the protein content is in excess of 4.0 gm per 100 ml

Odontogenic Keratocyst Aspirate:

Aspirate is Dirty, creamy white viscid suspension which is characteristic of OKC and also contains Parakeratinized squamous cells in the fluid. Total protein content in the fluid is less than 5 gm per 100 ml and most of the protein content is Albumin which is a less soluble protein.

OKC fluid creamy white Aspirate

Diagnosis of Oral Cystic Fluid on Aspiration:

Periodontal cysts Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is clear, pale yellow straw colored fluid which contains Cholesterol crystals and the total protein content is 5 -11 gm per 100 ml for periodontal cysts

Solitary bone cyst Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is serous or sanguineous fluid and may contain blood or empty cavity. The fluid also contains Necrotic blood clots which are characteristic of Solitary bone cyst.

Stafne’s bone cyst or idiopathic bone cavity Aspirate:

  • It is a empty cavity without epithelial lining and filled only with air
Types of Cysts and fluid aspirate composition

Source: http://www.jmrps.net Journal

Dermoid cyst Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is a thick sebaceous material which is secreted by the sebaceous glands present in skin

Mucocele, Ranula and Fissural cyst Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is Mucus fluid secreted by the salivary glands and accumulated due to different reasons for the 3 types.

Hemangioma Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is fresh blood in the cavity as the name suggests

Arterial and Venous malformation Aspirate:

  • Aspirate is bright red blood which shows pulsation movements and pushes plunger

These findings should be remembered to be able to diagnose any cyst which you might encounter in your practice. And aspiration of the fluid is as important as radio-graph for diagnosis of cysts.

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