GPT Terms – H


habitual occlusion: see MAXIMAL INTERCUSPAL POSITION

Hader bar [after the Swiss tool and die technician, Helmut Hader]: eponym for a rigid bar connecting two or more abutments, which, when viewed in cross section, resembles a keyhole, consisting of a rectangular bar with a rounded superior (occlusal) ridge that creates a retentive undercut for the female clip within the removable prosthesis

Breim SL., Renner RP. An overview of tissue bars. Gen Dent 1982: 406-15.


Hanau’s Quint [Rudolph L. Hanau, (1881-1930) Buffalo, New York, U.S. engineer, born Capetown, South Africa]: rules for balanced denture articulation including incisal guidance, condylar guidance, cusp length, the plane of occlusion, and the compensating curve described by Rudolph Hanau in 1926

hard palate : the bony portion of the roof of the mouth



healing screw : the component of an endosteal dental implant system used to seal, usually on an interim basis, the dental implant body during the healing phase after surgical placement. The purpose of the healing screw is to maintain patency of the internal threaded section for subsequent attachment of the abutment during the second stage surgery

heel n: see DISTAL

height of contour : a line encircling a tooth and designating its greatest circumference at a selected axial position determined by a dental surveyor; a line encircling a body designating its greatest circumference in a specified plane

hemi·glos·sec·to·my : resection of one side of the tongue

hemi·sec·tion : the surgical separation of a multirooted tooth, especially a mandibular molar, through the furcation in such a way that a root and the associated portion of the crown may be removed

hemostatic agent: any chemical, such as aluminum chloride or ferric sulfate, that acts to control soft-tissue hemorrhage. Used during impression making and restoration delivery

heterograft : a graft taken from a donor of another species—called also xenograft

heterotopic pain : a general term designating pain felt in an area other than the true originating site

high fusing ceramic: a ceramic with a maturation or fusion range of 1290° to 1370° C (2350° to 2500° F)

high fusing solder: any soldering alloy formulated to melt at approximately 1100° C (2012° F) used to form connectors before ceramic application

high lip line : the greatest height to which the inferior border of the upper lip is capable of being raised by muscle function

high noble metal alloy: as classified by the American Dental Association (1984) any dental casting alloy with at least 60% noble metal (Au, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir, Os) by weight with at least 40% gold


hinge axis of the mandible: see TRANSVERSE HORIZONTAL AXIS

hinge axis point: see POSTERIOR REFERENCE POINTS

hinge bow: see KINEMATIC FACEBOW

hinge joint : a ginglymus joint; a joint that allows motion around one axis


hinge position : the orientation of parts in a manner permitting hinge movement between them (GPT-4)

homograft : a graft taken from one human and transplanted to another—called also allograft

horizontal axis of the mandible: see TRANSVERSE HORIZONTAL AXIS

horizontal plane : any plane passing through the body at right angles to both the median and frontal planes, thus dividing the body into upper and lower parts; in dentistry, the plane passing through a tooth at right angles to its long axis

horizontal plane of reference : a horizontal plane established on the face of the patient by one anterior reference point and two posterior reference points from which measurements of the posterior anatomic determinants of occlusion and mandibular motion are made

horizontal overlap : the projection of teeth beyond their antagonists in the horizontal plane

horizontal reference plane: see HORIZONTAL PLANE OF REFERENCE

horseshoe plate : a horseshoe or V-shaped removable prosthesis

host site: see RECIPIENT SITE

hue : often referred to as the basic color, hue is the quality of sensation according to which an observer is aware of the varying wavelengths of radiant energy. The dimension of color dictated by the wavelength of the stimulus that is used to distinguish one family of color from another—as red, green, blue, etc. The attribute of color by means of which a color is perceived to be red, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. White, black, and grays possess no hue

hunk bite obs: see INTEROCCLUSAL RECORD

hybrid : 1. anything of mixed origin 2. offspring of two plants or animals of different genus or species

hybrid denture : slang for any modification or alteration in the usual form of a dental prosthesis

hybrid ionomer : a conventional glass ionomer that has been modified to include methacrylate groups in the liquid component. It may contain photo initiators. Setting is by an acid-base reaction with light and dual cure polymerization syn—RESIN-MODIFIED GLASS IONOMER

hybrid prosthesis : slang for a nonspecific term applied to any prosthesis that does not follow conventional design. Frequently it is used to describe a dental prosthesis that is composed of different materials, types of denture teeth (porcelain, plastic, composite), variable acrylic denture resins, differing metals or design etc. It may refer to a fixed dental prostheses, removable dental prostheses, or maxillofacial prostheses.

hydrocolloid : a colloid system in which water is the dispersion medium; those materials described as a colloid sol with water that are used in dentistry as elastic impression materials—see IRREVERSIBLE H., REVERSIBLE H.

hydroxyapatite ceramic : a composition of calcium and phosphate in physiologic ratios to provide a dense, non-resorbable, biocompatible ceramic used for dental implants and residual ridge augmentation

hygienic pontic : a pontic that is easier to clean because it has a domed or bullet shaped cervical form and does not overlap the edentulous ridge

hygroscopic expansion : expansion due to the absorption of moisture

hyp·al·ge·sia : diminished sensitivity to pain

hy·per·ac·tiv·i·ty : excessive motor activity. It is frequently, but not necessarily, associated with internal tension or a neurologic disorder. Usually the movements are more rapid than customary for the person

hy·per·al·ges·ia : increased sensitivity or sensibility to pain—see PRIMARY H.

hyperbaric chamber : an area in which a patient may be subjected to pressure of ambient gases greater than 1 atmosphere

hyperbaric oxygenation : the administration of oxygen under greater than atmospheric pressure; called also hyperbaric oxygen therapy

hy·per·ce·men·to·sis : an excessive deposition of cementum

hy·per·es·the·sia : increased sensitivity to stimulation

hy·per·na·sal·i·ty : a perceived voice quality in which the nasal cavity acts as a resonating cavity for non-nasal sounds. Generally associated with palatopharyngeal inadequacy

hy·per·os·mia : abnormally increased sensitivity to odors

hy·per·pla·sia : the abnormal multiplication or increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in a tissue

hyperplasia of the coronoid process: pathologic growth of the coronoid process of the mandible after normal growth has ended —called alsoosteoma of the coronoid

hyperplastic tissue : excessive tissue proliferation, usually as a response to chronic irritation

hy·per·tro·phy : an enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or tissue beyond that considered normal as a result of an increase in the size of its constituent cells and in the absence of tumor formation

hy·po·don·tia: congenital absence of one or more, but not all, of the normal complement of teeth

hy·po·es·the·sia : diminished sensitivity to stimulation

hy·po·geu·sia : diminished acuteness of the sense of taste—called also hypogeusesthesia

hy·po·na·sal·i·ty : reduced nasal resonance usually from obstruction in the nasopharynx or nasal passages resulting in an alteration of mn, and –ng sounds

hy·po·pla·sia : defective or incomplete development of an organ or tissue

hys·ter·e·sis n: the lagging or delay in the effect of a system’s change. In dentistry, the affect of cooling and reheating of a casting investment can cause casting inaccuracy because the refractory and binder will not revert to their original forms

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