GPT Terms – W

warp : torsional change of shape or outline; to turn or twist out of shape

wash impression slang: see FINAL IMPRESSION

wave length : the distance at any instant between two adjacent crests (or identical phases) of two series of waves that are advancing through a uniform medium. The wavelength varies inversely with the vibration rate or number of waves passing any given point per unit period of time

wax : one of several esters of fatty acids with higher alcohols, usually monohydric alcohols. Dental waxes are combinations of various types of waxes compounded to provide desired physical properties—see BASEPLATE W., BOXING W., CASTING W., DENTAL IMPRESSION W., MODELING W

wax addition technique: the process used to develop a wax pattern through organized sequential addition of wax to shape the individual components of the desired anatomic form

wax elimination : the removal of wax from a mold, usually by heat

wax expansion : a method of expanding a wax pattern to compensate for the shrinkage of gold during the casting process

wax model denture: see TRIAL DENTURE

wax pattern : a wax form that is the positive likeness of an object to be fabricated

wax try in: see TRIAL PLACEMENT

wax·ing : the contouring of a wax pattern or the wax base of a trial denture into the desired form (GPT-1)

waxing up 1: the contouring of a pattern in wax generally applied to the shaping in wax of the contours of a trial denture (GPT-1) 2: the process of waxing and carving of the wax to the shape and contour desired (GPT-1)

wear facet : any wear line or plane on a tooth surface caused by attrition

Weber-Fergusson incision [Sir E.S. Fergusson, Scottish surgeon, dates vary: 1808-1877 or 1871-1944]: eponym for a facial incision used in exposing the maxillary bone in a maxillectomy procedure

Zange J. Operationen im Bereich der nase und ibver nebenholen. In: Theil R. Opthalmologische, Operationslehre. Leipzig: Vebthieme, 1950.

1weld : a welded joint; the state or condition of being welded

2weld: to unite or fuse two pieces by hammering, compression, or by rendering soft by heat with the addition of a fusible material

whit·ing: pure white chalk (calcium carbonate) that has been ground and washed; it is used for polishing dental materials

wire splint : a device used to stabilize teeth in the maxillae or mandible loosened by an accident or by a compromised periodontium; a device to reduce and stabilize maxillary or mandibular fractures by application to both arches and connection with intermaxillary wires or elastic bands

Wolff’s Law [Julius Wolff, German anatomist, 1836-1902]: eponym for the principle that a bone, either normal or abnormal, will develop the structure most suited to resist those forces acting on it

work : the product of a force acting on a body and the distance through which the point of application of the force moves

work authorization: a signed written order provided by the dentist to the dental laboratory detailing the work to be performed and specifying the materials to be used

working articulation : the occlusal contacts of teeth on the side toward which the mandible is moved

working bite: see WORKING ARTICULATION

working bite relation: see WORKING ARTICULATION

working cast: —see FINAL CAST

working condyle: see WORKING SIDE CONDYLE

working contacts : contacts of teeth made on the side of the occlusion toward which the mandible has been moved (GPT-1)

working model: see CAST

working occlusal surface : the surface or surfaces of teeth on which mastication can occur (GPT-1)

working occlusion : the occlusal contacts of teeth on the side to which the mandible is moved (GPT-1)

working side : the side toward which the mandible moves in a lateral excursion

working side contacts : contacts of teeth made on the side of the articulation toward which the mandible is moved during working movements

working side condyle : the condyle on the working side

working side condyle path : the path the condyle travels on the working side when the mandible moves in a lateral excursion

wrought 1: worked into shape; formed 2: worked into shape by tools; hammered

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