HIV infections spread by Colorado Dentist

Three patients have started showing symptoms after being treated by this Colorado Dentist, who has accepted that he used Syringes and Needles multiple times on Multiple patients thus leading to this spread of infections.

According to the Colorado Health department, Dr. Stephen Stein has been allegedly Using Needles and syringes for multiple times on multiple patients from a period of 1999-2011.  Sr. Stein is also being investigated on another case regarding illegal prescriptions and his Dental License has been cancelled.

he Centers for Disease Control has been working on disease surveillance and stated it would provide updates regarding the situation at the beginning of every month.

The health department sent letters to roughly 8,000 of Stein’s patients to notify them that they should be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C. With all the patients ready to go to court the health center has stated that according to their law there is a limited amount of money which can be won in court of law against such cases.

Note: Please never reuse Needles on multiple patients we as Doctors should never do anything that would harm the patients in any way, Single Use Syringes and Needles should be used and proper Sterilization techniques maintained. Relieving the patients of their illness is our Duty not becoming the source of a new one.

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