SSB or Services selection board is a Defense organization which selects candidates for Army, Navy and Air force recruitment based on multiple criteria giving them points by conducting Examinations. The many criteria include Medical Examination along with Dental check ups and examinations along with mental, physical and intellectual evaluation to access the potential of the candidate and determine if he or she is eligible. Coming to Dental checkup, the candidate is assessed for their overall Dental health looking for certain criteria. With defense being a very competitive and physically enduing field, it is important for the candidate to be fit in all aspects of Physical and Mental health.

What are the minimum points to qualify in Dental Examination for SSB?

You need a minimum of 14 points to qualify in your Dental Examination for SSB.

Are there Negative points for Dental examination in SSB?

No, there are no negative points if you are having a missing tooth or fractured tooth or a Root Canal treated tooth. Just the points are not counted for that particular and the opposing tooth.

Will points be given to Root canal Treated Tooth in SSB?

Yes, if the Root Canal treated tooth is covered with a Dental Crown and has the opposite tooth, you will be given points. If the RCT treated tooth is broken or dosen’t have a crown the Dental examiner will not give points depending on the situation of the tooth.

How are Dental points calculated for SSB medical health examination

Many candidates are eliminated based on their physical health issues which include Dental health as well. In every batch based on the fitness report, the unfit rate goes up to 45-55% making it one the most crucial aspect in the SSB recruiting process. The Medical and Dental examinations are done prior to interviews and many health issues are considered before declaring the candidate fit for interviews. The cut off mark to pass a Dental examinations is 14 Dental Points which are required after examining the candidate and these are the points which you should keep in mind before going for the Dental examination. Make sure to visit a Dentist and get your self treated before the examination.

How Dental Points are measured in SSB examination:

Note: Points are given only when the opposing teeth are in proper occlusion, if the teeth are not touching each other in posterior teeth or are in cross bite or Open bite in Anterior teeth, the points are not given to those particular teeth.

Teeth which are considered to be essential or must have are given 2 points each – Molars

Teeth which are not required for efficient function of the oral cavity are given 1 point for U/L teeth combined- Incisors, Canines and Premolars

For the front teeth

  • Incisors (4 points): 2 points for Left side Central and Lateral Incisors and 2 points for right side Central and Lateral Incisors
  • Canine (2 points): 1 point for U/L Left side Canines, 1 point for U/L Right side canine
  • Premolars (4 points) – 2 points for one Right side U/L Pre molars, and 2 points for Left Side U/L Premolars.

For each U/L teeth in occlusion you are given 1 point each if the corresponding or opposite teeth are present. So you will get 10 points if you have all the Upper and Lower Incisors, all 4 canines and 8 premolars. You will not be given 1 point each for any one tooth missing from either upper or lower jaw.

For the Molars, you will get 2 points each for Upper and Lower Molar, So as you have 6 molars (including Third Molars) U/L on each side, you will be getting 12 points for having all the molars. In case you are not having third molars on both sides you will be getting only 8 points.

The 1st Molar, 2nd Molar and 3rd Molars are given 2 points each if they are in correct occlusion (touching each other and able to chew with them) with the opposing teeth.

If the 3rd Molar is either impacted (partially erupted) or not well developed it is given 1 point

How are the Dental points given while examination for SSB selection:

Based on the above points allotment, if you are having all 16 teeth (including 3rd molars) in upper jaw having good opposite 16 teeth (lower jaw) in good occlusion, the points given are 20 to 22. This number changes with problems seen in any teeth.

How many minimum number of teeth should be present to qualify in SSB Defense Dental Examination?

Anterior Teeth: From the 6 anterior or front teeth 4 should be without any problem and having good opposing teeth with good occlusion

Posterior Teeth: Out of the 10 posterior teeth 6 should be without any problem and having good opposing teeth with good occlusion

Are Dental Implants given points in SSB Examination: 

It is actually a confusing aspect of Dental Examination points in SSB, there are no clear points given officially. So it comes down to the examiner and how he or she considers the implant to be. Here are some points they usually consider for Dental Implants –

1. Points are considered if the Implant is properly Osseointegrated and restored with a crown in proper occlusion.

2. The location of the implant – Anterior teeth or less stress bearing areas having an Implant usually are given points. If the Dental Implant is located in the Molar or higher stress bearing areas they are properly accessed and considered whether the points should be given or not.

So the number of points required to clear the Dental examination is 14, if a candidate fails to get 14 points they are termed as medically unfit for the interview stage.

It is better to get check up done from a Dentist to determine if there are any Dental Caries or Impaction of the Wisdom teeth which need to be addressed and treated before going for the examination. Make sure that you get complete Oral prophylaxis done before the Dental examination and any missing teeth replaced as they affect the points given.