How Simple Oral Hygiene steps can reduce COVID-19 Severity

With the presence of COVID-19 crossing one and a half years and lots of research being conducted, it has been found that COVID-19 virus can travel to patients Lungs through the Saliva. It has been found that people with Gum Disease who have become COVID positive have more chances of it spreading to the Lungs through the Blood stream.

In recent studies it has been observed that patients whose Lungs were damaged, the Coronavirus was first detected in the Blood Stream of Lungs rather than the Airway. This gives evidence that patients with Periodontal disease have increased concentration of the COVID-19 virus in the saliva which is being transferred to the Lungs increasing the risk manifold. So it shows that Periodontal disease directly affects the intensity of COVID-19 Virus and its chances of reaching the Lungs leading to a serious infection.

It shows the importance of Oral Care to combat COVID and that Oral health should not be taken lightly, we have seen in other studies that Chlorhexidine has been found effective in reducing the concentration of the Virus in Saliva. It has been thus used in every Dental Clinic as a pre–OP Mouth rinse or Gargle to help prevent spread of infection during any Dental procedure. These mouthwashes are seen to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus effectively in Saliva. This not only reduces the spread of the Virus to the patient’s own lungs but also controls the Spread of the Virus to others.

Simple Oral Hygiene steps can help reduce COVID 19 severity

Researchers from UK, South Africa and the United States today published their findings in the Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research support this claim with their respective studies. Oral Symptoms of Mucormycosis

According to Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontology at University of Birmingham and Dr Graham Lloyd-Jones, Radiologist say that

Gum disease makes the gums leakier, allowing microorganisms to enter into the blood. Simple measures – such as careful toothbrushing and interdental brushing to reduce plaque build-up, along with specific mouthwashes, or even saltwater rinsing to reduce gingival inflammation – could help decrease the virus’ concentration in saliva and help mitigate the development of lung disease and reduce the risk of deterioration to severe COVID-19.

In short, the mouth acts as a breeding ground for the Virus to grow and with Periodontal Disease the Virus gets a route to enter the blood stream and find its way to the Lungs, thus directly affecting the prognosis of the disease. So Simple Oral Hygiene steps like regular Brushing, using a mouthwash and if not available use of Salt Water gargle can help in reducing the Viral Load on the Lungs turning out to be Lifesaving.


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