How to clean your teeth without toothbrush and water

Brushing your Teeth to avoid bad breath when you are on the move either on a vacation or on a business tour has been a problem which everyone faces. To bush your teeth with the usual tooth brush requires a common tooth brush, toothpaste and water, which can be difficult to find during your camping trip or on the road trip.

  • Ideal to use after eating, at work, at school, during travel.
  • Wipe teeth, gums and tongue.
  • No water or rinsing necessary.
  • Special moisture shield – helps keep finger dry!
  • Sugar-Free.

So for these situations there are Oral-B Brush Up’s which can be used anywhere anytime without requiring any water tooth brush or tooth paste.

The Brush Up’s have the following features:

  • Textured cleaning surface to clean teeth
  • Burst of mint flavor to freshen mouth and breath
  • Thin, compact size makes it easy to carry in your wallet
  • Comfortable, slip-on design fits most finger sizes
  • Individually packaged
  • Material acts as moisture barrier between your finger and mouth

These can be used even on children as most of the small children do not prefer brushing , where this can come pretty handy.

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