How to Clean your Dentures

How to maintain Clean and Good looking Dentures is a common question asked by all the patients who get Dentures done. And it is your duty as a Dentist to keep the patients informed about the steps they should take to keep their Dentures in good shape for a long time. The main reasons for Denture failures are either Denture Fracture due to improper handling or Denture Staining and reaction due to improper maintenance of Dentures.Brush your Dentures Daily

Here i am going to list out the various techniques which can be used to Clean your Dentures:

Denture Cleaning BrushBrush your Denture Every Day: Cleaning Dentures daily once is necessary to prevent plaque formation from taking place and it also helps prevent Staining of the dentures due to various types of foods you consume. There are Tooth Brushes made for Dentures which are larger in size that your conventional Tooth Brushes. They are available in every medical store or you can ask your dentist for one. Either in the Mornings or at Night before soaking them you can Brush your Dentures to remove any debris stuck to the Dentures during the day.

Note: Always brush or handle your denture on Soft surfaces or close to your sink because even if they slip they will be safe and not fall on the floor and break

Rinse your Dentures after Every Meal: This is the most effective and Primary rule that every Removable Denture Wearer should follow very strictly as a daily routine. Just take out your denture after a meal and while washing your hands just rinse your dentures under running tap water and place them back in your mouth. Dental Plaque is the main reason for Halitosis or Bad breath in Denture wearers and Plaque formation takes place if the Dentures are not cleaned properly. Due to plaque accumulation Irritation of the Oral Tissue also takes place. Life Cycle of Dental Plaque

Clean your mouth after removing Dentures after Each meal: After each meal it is essential to clean and Rinse or Gargle your mouth after removing your dentures as sometimes food gets stuck beneath the dentures and this is a very common cause for Halitosis or Bad breath in Denture wearers. So remember to Rinse or Gargle your mouth after removing dentures after each meal.

Keep your Dentures Soaked Overnight: When you remove your Dentures at night before sleeping remember to clean them and place then in either plain water or Denture -soaking solutions (which i do not prefer). Remember not to soak dentures with metal attachments in solutions that contain chlorine because it can tarnish the metal. Denture soaking solutions or Enzyme solutions are in use these days.

Ultrasonic denture cleaning deviceUltrasound Denture Cleaning Devices: Ultrasound Denture cleaning devices are available in the market which were earlier used only by Dentists or Prosthodontists to clean Dentures can now be used at home to clean your Dentures, the device vibrates the water in which your Denture is placed at a Ultrasonic level and helps clear the Plaque accumulation on the Denture surface very effectively.

Do not Smoke while wearing Dentures: Smoking while wearing dentures is a very common cause of Staining of Dentures, black stains on dentures are seen most commonly due to nicotine deposition from smoking. So make sure you remove your dentures and smoke when ever possible to prevent staining your dentures. There are many other substances which cause denture staining like food colors.. etc 


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