How to decrease pain and swelling after Wisdom Tooth removal

Getting a Wisdom Tooth removed is a pretty stressful procedure for the patient, although there will not be any pain during the procedure due to the effect of anesthesia, post surgery there are chances of pain and swelling which are normal for post wisdom teeth surgery.

When there is bone cutting or trimming during Wisdom tooth surgery which is common in deeply impacted (Horizontal, Mesioangular, Vertical) lower third molars, there will be swelling for 3-5 days even if you take medicines and discomfort as well. But to control the extent of swelling and pain after the removal of Wisdom tooth or Third molar you need to follow these steps mention to give you relief and help in faster healing of the socket.

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How to decrease pain and swelling after wisdom tooth removal surgery

1. Follow Post Extraction Instructions mentioned by Dentist without Fail:

Post extraction Instructions are given to the patient by the Dentist after wisdom teeth surgery and each and every point should be followed without fail. We have made another post with the detailed explanation about each post extraction instruction and why it is given, but will be listing out the most important here.

  • Bite on the cotton kept on the extraction site for about half an hour and swallow your saliva or blood and do not spit it out
  • Do not spit or gargle or disturb the extraction site for one day
  • Do not brush your teeth for the first 8 hours after surgery
  • Avoid hot and hard food stuff on the day of surgery
  • Do not do heavy lifting or stressful work on the day of surgery
  • Gargle mildly with salt water after 1 day of extraction for 2-4 times a day

2. Drink plenty of water / fluids and do not let your mouth Dry

It is important to keep your mouth wet and hydrated and drinking small quantities of water all throughout the day can help. In case you are a mouth breather make sure to use a oral cavity moisturizer. Not just water but coconut water and similar nutrient rich supplements can be taken in intervals to keep yourself hydrated and maintain the electrolytes and blood sugar level stable.

3. Apply Ice on the Cheek close to the Extraction site throughout the first day

It is important to apply ice from the outside of the extraction site on the cheek surface as it helps in decreasing pain. Never apply heat or any pain relieving gels on the cheek. At the same site and on the opposite side cheek, massaging with your fingers on the masseter muscle helps in decreasing the pain caused due to opening your mouth for long duration through out the surgery.

4. Head should be kept Elevated for the first three days after Extraction

Make sure to keep your head elevated or sleep on pillows for the first three days after extraction which helps in recovering faster. By keeping your head at a higher level compared to your body, the flow and volume of blood near the extraction site change.

Follow these steps and also make sure to take the medication prescribed by the Dentist without fail to help in decreasing pain and swelling after Wisdom tooth surgery.

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