How to Diagnose a potential Bleeding Disorder

How do you screen a patient for potential

bleeding problems?

The best screening procedure for a bleeding disorder is a good medical
history. If the review of the medical history indicates a bleeding problem, a more
detailed history is needed. The following questions are basic:
Is there a family history of bleeding problems?

  • Has bleeding been noted since early childhood, or is the onset relatively recent?
  • How many previous episodes have there been?
  • What are the circumstances of the bleeding?
  • When did the bleeding occur? After minor surgery, such as tonsillectomy or tooth extraction? After falls or participation in contact sports?
  • What medications was the patient taking when the bleeding occurred?
  • What was the duration of the bleeding episode(s)? Did the episode involve prolonged oozing or a massive hemorrhage?
  • Was the bleeding immediate or delayed?

After all the following questions are answered by the patient we can have a brief idea on the type of disorder it can be and can conclude our doubt by conducting some tests required.

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