How to dislodge, extract or remove broken instrument from periodontal pockets – Schwartz Periotrievers

There have been many explanations regarding the removal of broken instruments from root canals, but what will you do if you have a piece of broken instrument stuck inside a periodontal pocket.

There is a specific instrument made for this purpose, known as “Schwartz Periotrievers

Schwartz Periotriever – It is a specifically designed instrument  set of double ended magnetized periodontal  instrument for retrieving broken instrument pieces from periodontal pockets.

Due to the magentic property of the instrumet it is a very simple procedure for removal of the broken instruments without requiring any surgical procedure.

Step by step procedure of removing broken instrument from periodontal pocket using Schwartz Periotriver:

  1. Make sure about the location of the broken piece of instrument and the number of pieces, using an IOPA – Xray.
  2. Have a picture of the path of insertion into the pocket in your mind deciding whether to insert the instrument tip from the mesial side or the distal side of the periodontal pocket based on the location of the broken tip in the pocket.
  3. Carefully using CPITN(to make sure you do not tear the tissue) probe elevate the pocket border and insert the Schwartz Periotriever into the pocket close to the broken instrument.The periotriever should be handled carefully and gently to avoid tearing the gingival tissue of the pocket.
  4. After you bring it close you will be able to attract the broken instrument to the tip of the Periotriever. After the broken instrument is attached you need to gently remove the instrument as slowly as possible to avoid dislodging the broken instrument once again into the pocket.
  5. After you have sucessfully removed the broken instrument tip from the pocket. Debride the Periodontal pocket thoroughly with an antiseptic solution like Chlorhexidine to avoid any contamination in the pocket.
  6. Dispose the broken instrument tip and make sure you never break any instrument tip again in the pocket.