How to Use iPad for viewing Digital X-ray and RVG

RVG – RadioVisiography  is the technology which is being followed very widely in the dental clinics which is very easy and very helpful to get immediate radio-graphic view of the  pathology which has to be treated.

With more and more doctors using iPad’s in maintaining daily patient records and as a visual aid communication. Kodak has developed  RVG system which is Apple iPad compatible and even can be used with your iPhone.

RVG Mobile Software for iPhone and iPad:

RVG mobile software is available in Apple iStore form which is used with KODAK RVG 6500 Sensor which is made Apple iPad compatible and it is very useful to view the radiograph directly into your palm on your iPhone or iPad.

How to use RVG Mobile Software:

  1. RVG Mobile application is used with the KODAK RVG 5100 and RVG 6100 sensors.
  2. After acquiring x-ray images on a computer
  3. The dedicated transfer interface wirelessly submits them to the user’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad providing remote access to clinical images.
  4. The image can be viewed immediately on your Apple device just after the radiograph is taken.

Download the Software in the iTunes store – RVG Mobile Software for iPhone and iPad


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