Human skull

Skull Skull: It is defined as the Skeleton of the head.
It is also called as cranium
All the bones in the skull are joined immovably by joints known as sutures, But with an exception the mandible which is joined by the movable Temporomandibular joint(TMJ)
Skull is divided into 2 main parts:
1) Brain box/calvaria– upper part of the skull which encloses the brain
2) The other part include the facial bones +mandible

Study of skull is divided into 2 main types:

1) Outside they can be studied in 5 different views:

Norma verticalis- Superior view
Norma basalis- Inferior view
Norma frontalis- Anterior view
Norma Occipitalis- Posterior view
Norma Lateralis- Lateral view

2) Inside view is studied by removing the roof of the Brain box (calvaria) known as skull cap

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