Indain Dental Association which is, a premier professional association of dentists in India.
which looks after upholding the interests of Dental Profession.

The Indian Dental Association was founded in the Year 1949.

It came into existence after the Dentists Act 1948 was declared in the Indian Parliament.

Before this Act was declared it was known as “All India Dental Association”

IDA has 29 state branches and over 250 local branches and represents over 50,000 dedicated dental professionals as its members.

Objectives on which the IDA works on:

  1. Promotion, Encouragement and advancement of dental and allied sciences.
  2. To encourage the members to undertake the measures for the improvement of Public Health and Education in India.
  3. The Maintainence of the honour and dignity and the upholding of interests of the Dental profession and co-operation between the members there of.
Functions Of IDA:
These functions are mainly based on the fulfilment of the above given Objectives and to strengthen the Association.
  1. Holding periodical meetings and conferences of the members of the association and the dental profession in general.
  2. Publishing and circulating a Journal which talks about the Work of the association and this Journal charters to the needs of the dental profession in India.
  3. Encouraging opening of libraries in all the branches and the books are bought through the funds of IDA.
  4. Publishing from time to time papers related to re-search conducted by the members independently or under the auspices of the association.
  5. Encouraging research in dental and Allied sciences with grants out of the funds of the association by the establishment of the schlorships and maintain international  contacts with foreign dental associations.
  6. Conduction educational campaign among the massesof India in he matter of oral hygiene by co-operating with different public bodies working with the same objects.
  7. Protects Public from unethical treatment from unqualified practitioners (Quacks).
  8. Trying to set exemption from custom duty for essential Dental materials and Instruments.