Ideal Requirements of Root Canal Sealers

Root Canal Sealers: It seals the discrepancies between the canal walls and the core obturating material along with cementing the obturating material to the Root canal. Root canal sealers play an important role in Obturation step of Root Canal Treatment, where it acts to sea the spaces and gaps between Obturating material and the walls of the root canal. It also has some properties of anti carcinogenic and Mutagenic. _______________________________________________________________________  Information about Root Canal Treatment:

  1. Root Canal Treatment detailed procedure

_______________________________________________________________________ideal requirements of root canal sealers

Ideal Requirements of Root Canal Sealers:

  1. It should be tacky when mixed, to be able to provide adhesion/sealing betweem the canal walls and the core obturating material.
  2. Flowability in its non-set state to promote luting.
  3. It should be non-irritating to the peri-apical luting.
  4. Should possess a hermetic sealing ability
  5. It should be radiopaque
  6. Minimal setting shrinkage
  7. Should be non-staining on the dentin / tooth structure
  8. It should be ideally Bactericidal or at-least control Bacterial Growth
  9. Should have Long Working Time
  10. Insoluble in Tissue Fluids
  11. It should be easy to remove if necessary
  12. It should be Neither Mutagenic nor Carcinogenic
  13. It should not provoke an Immune reaction

Every step of the root canal treatment plays a major role in the final result and prognosis of the treatment done. Root canal sealers are used to fill the voids and gaps present between the obturating material (gutta percha) and the root canal wall which will be there even after perfect bmp. So choosing the ideal sealer is important to make sure that there is no voids left which might facilitate spread of infection inside the root canal.

We will be showing you the procedure of applying root canal sealer through videos in our youtube channel.

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