Important terms in oral pathology

Oral pathology is a tough subject mainly for a dental student, with all the names and terms used in it for a newbie to get used to it takes some time and mostly we end up mugging up all these terms so what ever it maybe we have to learn them.

So here are some must remember terms in oral pathology which are to be understood or mugged up to understand oral pathology properly:

Macule: Focal area of color change that is not elevated or depressed in relation to its surroundings.

Papule: Solid raised lesion which is less than 5mm in diameter.

Nodule: Solid raised lesion greater than 5mm in diameter.

Pedenculated: Describing a tumor or growth where base is narrower than the widest part of the lesion.

Sessile: Describing a tumor or growth whose base is the widest part of the lesion.

Papillary: Describing a tumor or growth exhibiting numerous surface projections.

Verrucose: Describing a tumor or growth exhibiting a rough warty surface.

Vesicle: Superficial blisters, 5mm or less in diameter usually filled with clear fluid.

Bulla: Large blister greater than 5mm in diameter.

Pustule: Blister filled with purulent fluid.

Ulcer: Lesion charecterised by loss in surface epithelium and some of the underlying connective tissues. It often appears depressed or excavated.

Erosion: Superficial lesion, often arising secondary to rupture of a vesicle or bulla that is charecterised by total or plastic loss of surface epithelium.

Plaque: Lesion that is slightly elevated and flat on its surface.

Fissure: Narrow slit like ulceration or groove.

Petichae: Round pin point area of haemorrhage.

Ecchynosis: Non elevated area of a haemorrhage larger than petichae.

Telengiectasia: Vascular lesion caused by dilatation of a small, superficial blood vessel.

Cyst: It is a pathological cavity  epithelium often filled with fluid, semifluid, casseous contents which is not created by accumilation of pus. It may or maynot be lined by epithelium.

Unilocular: Describing a radiolucent lesion having a single compartment.

Multilocular: Describing a radiolucent lesion having several or many compartments.

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