Impression taking with Shellac Base plate

Taking of an impression with the help of Shellac baseplate is a bit out dated now but still in practice in some places, The primary aim of baseplate is to make a replica of the structures of the oral cavity on the cast by application of pressure.


  • Shellac Baseplate (both mandibular and maxillary)
  • Spirit lamp
  • Primary cast
  • Cotton
  • Scissors.

Mandibular shellac baseplate Maxillary shellac baseplate

The shellac baseplate is taken(for maxillary it is Triangular in outline and for mandibular it is horseshoe shaped), the baseplate is then heated partially on the flame not until it melts but till it softens so that it can be adapted onto the cast. After ideal softening the softened baseplate is taken and adapted to the cast with hands and by using cotton so the the baseplate can be adapted well into the sulcus. After adapting the wax to the cast the excess which is projecting out is cut off using a scissor. Then wait for some time as it gets hard and then remove it and the impression is read for use.

It is a temporary impression and can change dimensions in change of tepmeratureĀ  so handiling should be done carefully.

It is a rigid material and the impression taken is used for primary casts.

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  2. June 9, 2018

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