Relining and Rebasing of complete denture:


It is a procedure as the name suggests to resurface the tissue side of the denture with a new Denture base material to produce an accurate adaptation on the denture foundation area with the tissue. The indications and contraindications of relining are given below. A Dentist looks at Relining as a treatment option when there is loss of retention and stability caused due to alteration in the supporting tissue mostly caused due to age.

It is done in 2 types: Direct method and Indirect method


 It is a procedure where the entire denture base is replaced with a new material on the existing prosthesis, it is mainly indicated when the denture base is Porus or when an incomplete denture base  is seen.

Rebasing procedure

Rebasing procedure

General Considerations for or When to use Relining and Rebasing in Complete Dentures:

  1. Occlusal Vertical Dimensions should be satisfactory
  2. Centric Occlusion should coincide with Centric Relation
  3. Oral tissues should be in proper health (absence of abused tissue)
  4. Denture base extensions are adequate and ensure distribution of masticatory forces over as large an area as possible
  5. Correct interocclusal distance
  6. Satisfactory Speech with existing Teeth arrangement
  7. Absence of severe osseous undercuts and soft tissue defects

Indications of Relining and Rebasing:

  1. Immediate dentures at 3-6 months after fabrication
  2. When the residual alveolar ridge has resorbed and the adaptation of the denture to the ridge is poor
  3. When the patient cannot afford new dentures
  4. When the construction of new dentures with their prolonged steps can cause physical and mental stress for geriatric and chronically ill patients

Contra-indications of Relining and Rebasing:

  1. When excessive amount of resorption is seen
  2. Presence of Abused soft tissue
  3. Patients with TMJ disorder
  4. Dentures with poor esthetics and unsatisfactory Jaw relations
  5. Dentures causing Speech problems
  6. When severe osseous undercuts are present, until surgical removal and healing