Instruments and Techniques used in Removal of Gutta percha

Removal of gutta percha is done in failed RCT cases where re-treatment of root canal therapy is required. Retreatment is mainly required to either reshape and obturate a canal with voids or in case of peri apical pathologies arising due to improper BMP of canal where remnant infection causes the infection to to remove guttapercha from root canal

Most commonly used material for obturation is guttapercha which is an inert material and is obturated into the canal by lateral condensation, vertical compaction, thermal obturation and injection technique.

The removal procedure of guttapercha is the same for any type of obturation technique and i have listed the various types in which gutta percha is removal from a failed Root canal treated tooth.

Gutta percha removal from root canal can be done by the following methods and instruments:

  1. Rotary instruments: Pro taper re-treatment kit or Ni-Ti Rotary files
  2. Ultrasonic removal: Piezoelectric ultrasonic effect
  3. Heat removal: Heated Plugger
  4. Heat and Instrument removal: Headstrom file
  5. Paper point and chemical removal: Chloroform solution is used

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After removal of Gutta percha the canal is cleaned properly and if any remaining Infected Pulp tissue is present is removed and Re treatment is done.

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