Instruments used for Recoding Jaw Relations in Complete Denture

Jaw Relations is defined as “Any relationship of Maxilla to Mandible”. To determine the exact relation of Maxilla to mandible in edentulous patients who are getting complete denture Jaw relations is the most important step which gives you the Vertical relation and Horizontal relation of Maxilla to mandible.

The Steps done in Jaw Relations are:

  1. Vertical Jaw Relation
  2. Horizontal Jaw Relation
  3. Orientation Jaw Relation

occlusal rims for recording Jaw relations The Instruments used in Recording Jaw relations for Complete Denture:

  1. Alcohol Torch or Spirit Lamp or Bunsen Burner
  2. Plaster of Paris
  3. Plaster Bowl
  4. Shade and Mold guides
  5. Denture Base and Occlusion Rims:
  6. Base Plate Wax
  7. Wax Spatula
  8. Hot Plate
  9. Wax Knife
  10. Face Bow with Bite Fork
  11. Locking Device
  12. Orbital Pointer
  13. Thread
  14. Inedible Pencil
  15. Gothic Arch Tracer
  16. Metal scale
  17. Stapler Pins

These are the instruments used in most of the Dental Clinics and Dental Collages but some instruments differ and some other instruments are preferred by some dentists, so do let us know if you want us to include any other instruments in this list.

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