Is it Semester wise or 8 Subjects at one go for 2008-09 Batch

In the earlier post i stated that it is going to Semester wise for the 2008-09 batch having 4 subjects in each semester.

But i failed to mention that in the Official Regulation released by the DCI has an option as seen in the image given below:

What does it mean ?

DCI has decided to re-introduce internship from the 2008-09 batch which was earlier removed to test a new pattern.

But DCI has given 2 options

Option 1:

  • Having all 8 subjects at the same time at the end of the year.

Option 2:

Who decides weather batches from 2008-09 will have 8 exams at a go or Semester wise ????

“DCI has given the full authority to their respective Universities to decide the Pattern in which the Examinations should be held”

This means: If you belong to a college for Example Meghna Institute Of Dental Sciences which comes under Dr. NTR Health University then the decision lies in the hands of  Dr. NTR Health University to decide the Examination Pattern.

Most of the Universities are opting for 8 exams at a go, to avoid the work load of conducting exams 2 times in a year.

What are the Negative effects of having 8 subjects at a go ?

  • There will be no time to concentrate on subjects and understand the subject.
  • Students will be forced to just mug up and prepare for the exams rather than learning the subject.
  • Students wont be having time to learn clinical’s properly.
  • Students wont be having proper exposure to clinical practice and patient management.

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