The outermost moist lining of the Oral cavity is called the Oral Mucosa. It has 3 main functions Protection, Sensation and Secretion. Oral Mucosa is continuous with the Skin but is entirely different in composition and structure due to the varied functions in the oral cavity.

Based on the function the various areas of the oral cavity have different type of Oral mucosa divided into 2 types: Keratinized oral mucosa and Non Keratinized oral mucosa

Gingiva is 75% Para Keratinized, 15% Keratinized and 10% non-keratinized.

Keratinized and Non Keratinized epithelium of Oral mucosa

Keratinized Areas of Oral Mucosa:

  • Masticatory mucosa – Gingiva and Hard palate
  • Vermillion border of lip
  • Oral or Outer Epithelium

Non Keratinized Areas of Oral Mucosa:

  • COL
  • Junctional epithelium
  • Sulcular epithelium
  • Lining mucosa – Lip, cheek, vestibular fornix, alveolar mucosa, floor of mouth and soft palate
  • Specialized mucosa -Dorsum of tongue and Taste buds