Latest Technology Trends in Today’s Dental Industry

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How to Keep Your Patients Happy By Staying on the Cutting Edge of Dental Care:

There’s no debating the fact that few people view a trip to dentist as something that is fun or exciting. Instead, most clients see a visit to the dentist as a chore, and many will put off going as long as possible. While we can’t promise that we can make your patients absolutely thrilled to be sitting in your operating chair, keeping up with some of the cutting edge technology trends in dentistry can make procedures a little more tolerable for your patients and maybe even add some excitement to your day.

  1. Sedation: One of the newest trends in dental surgery is the practice of Sedation. The traditional method of pain control during procedures is the use of a local anesthetic but this method doesn’t do much for patients who are terrified of the dentist. By allowing patients the option of being completely asleep while they are operated on, they don’t have to be aware of what is being done to them or watch as the “scary looking” tools head towards their mouth. This can make squeamish patients a little more willing to undergo dental surgery.
  2. Dental Imaging Technology: Another popular trend is the use of Digital imaging technology in dental offices. These images aim to replace the old-fashioned x-ray with 3-D pictures showing exactly what is happening inside of the mouth. Not only can this help patients understand your diagnosis, but it can also be very useful in demonstrating the need for a procedure. The more a patient understands about their dental problems, the more likely they are to elect to fix them. Digital imaging can show patients a picture of what the outcome of their cosmetic dental procedure will look like. This can boost patient confidence in the procedure and increase the number of elective operations your practice receives.
  3. Many dental professionals are very excited about the development of Raman spectroscopy for locating the very early stages of dental decay. Raman spectroscopy uses special lasers to detect early stages of decay easily and painlessly. What’s even better is that this technology can catch cavities before the need to be drilled and filled and instead allows patients to address the issue with a special fluoride mouthwash. This technology is still in the development stages, but keep an eye out for it in the coming months!
  4. When all else fails, Keeping patients comfortable in your office can do wonders for keeping them happy. Temperpedic recently launched a line of overlays that are specially designed to fit dental chairs. These are an inexpensive way to add some serious comfort to your patients’ experience. Don’t underestimate the power of feeling comfortable at the dentist, this is probably the best way to keep patients coming back!

Monica Cross writes at the dental blog. She is passionate and ever eager to share about great dental care and the latest in modern dental technology. And you can read all this in Urgent Dental Care Services

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