List of Cell and Bodies Associated with some Dental Conditions and Diseases

Dental and Oral diseases are pathological conditions which have systemic implications as well. We can see that in case of any disease like even a mild fever there is a change in the amount of cells mostly White Blood cells count in the body. Eosinophils are the most commonly increasing cells in any minor or major disease condition. The cells can be useful in diagnosis of the oral conditions which are associated with it.

Here are some of the Dental conditions which have specific cells or bodies seen which can be used to diagnose the condition and helps the dentist is Differential diagnosis.

List of Cell and Bodies Associated with some conditions in Oral Pathology

Russels Bodies: Periapical granuloma

Rushton bodies: Radicular cyst

Target cells and safety pin cells: Thalassemia

Tzank cells: Phemphigus, herpes

LE cells: Lupus erythematosis

Antischkow cells: Apthous ulser

Lipschutz bodies: Herpes

Lepra cells: Leprosy

Ghost cells: Odontoma

Amyloid bodies: Pindborg tumor

Liesegang rings: Pindborg tumor

Epimyothelial islands: Sjogrens syndrome/Mikulicz disease

Hyaline cells: Pleomorphic AdenomaReed-steinberg cells: Hodgkins disease/mycosis fungoides/ infectious mononucleosis

Clear or gargoyle cells and hurlers cells: Hurlers syndrome

Reilly bodies(cells or origin-fibroblasts)

Racquet/ribbon/strap cell: Pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma

Angulate body cell: granular cell myoblastoma

Arbikosor cells: Myeloblastoma

Cystoid and civatte bodies: Liche Planes

Corps and rounds: Keratosis follicularis

Carpet like extensions: Erythema multiformae and lupus erythematosis

Handerson: – Petrson inclusion bodies – Molluscum contagium

The above-mentioned cells / bodies are seen specific to some conditions like the Ghost cells which are seen in Odontoma, Tzank cells are seen in two conditions – Herpes and Phemphigus and in such cases other factors have to be considered for a proper diagnosis of the condition. Some cells or bodies are normal cells affected by the disease and changing in morphology attaining a specific type of appearance.

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