List of Diagnostic Tests for Various Medical and Dental Diseases

First step in the Treatment of any Disease or Medical condition is proper diagnosis and for correct diagnosis of any disease diagnostic tests should be conducted. To help in coming to a conclusion about any particular disease sometimes a single test or at times multiple tests need to be performed to help in coming to a conclusion to eliminate various diseases which share similar signs and symptoms.

Some Diseases or conditions manifest in the form of multiple medical conditions which makes it difficult to diagnose the root cause of the medical condition such as HIV which should multiple clinical conditions affecting various organs and regions of the body. And to identify the particular causative factor there are certain specific tests like Montoux Test which is specifically used to diagnose Tuberculosis alone along with ELISA and Western Blot Test which are used to diagnose HIV virus in AIDS.

Diagnostic tests for medical diseases

Here we are listing out Diagnostic Tests for Medical and Dental Diseases:

  1. Tuberculosis: Montoux Test
  2. AIDS: ELISA, Western Blot Test
  3. Syphilis: Kahn Test, VDRL, TPI, FTA-ABS
  4. Rickettsial infection: Weil-Felix test
  5. Diptheria: Schicks Test, Elek’s test
  6. Scarlet fever: Dick test, Scultz-Charlton test
  7. Sjogrens Syndrome: Schimer’s test, Split-lamp test, Rose Bengal test
  8. Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Schilling’s Test
  9. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rose Waller Test
  10. Sarcoidosis: Kevims Test
  11. Infectious Mononucleosis: Monospot test, Paul-Bunnel Test
  12. Herpes Simplex, Phemphigus: Tzanck test
  13. Lymphogranuloma Venereun: Fries Test
  14. Capillary Fragility: Rumple Leed Phenomenon or Torniquet test

With the help of these diagnostic tests and correlating it with the other clinical symptoms a proper diagnosis can be made to prepare a treatment plan for treating the underlying primary condition. These tests and the list is also very important for compatitive examinations like AIIM, NEET, PGI, NBDE part 1 etc as many questions are based on this list of diseases and their diagnostic tests required to diagnose the particular condition.

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