Microdontia is a condition in which any tooth or taeeth appear larger than normal for that particular type of tooth.

Classification Of Macrodontia:

  1. True Generalized Macrodontia
  2. Relative Generalized Macrodontia
  3. Single Tooth Macrodontia

True Generalized Microdontia:

  • All teeth are larger than normal.
  • It is extremely Rare
  • Seen in cases of Pituitary Gigantism

Relative Generalized Macrodontia:

  • Teeth are Slightly Larger than average teeth
  • It is a result of presence of normal or slightly larger than normal teeth in small jaws. The difference in size gives the illusion of Macrodontia
  • A person will inherit Jaw size from one parent and tooth size from the other so we can make out that this can create an illusion of Macrodontia as well as Microdontia

Macrodontia of Single Tooth:

  • The tooth is normal in all the aspects except for its Size
  • This is an example of True Macrodontia which is often confused with Fusion of Teeth.
  • In Hemihypertrophy of Face where the teeth on the side involved are larger than those on the unaffected side.