Most common site of Metastasis of Cancer in Maxilla and Why

Metastasis is the spread of Cancer from one organ to another or one part of the body to another, the cancer cells are transported through the Lymphatic system or the Vascular system. Cancer is essentially a condition in which the cells affected divide uncontrollably while destroying the surrounding tissue. There are many types of cancers which are seen affecting many regions of the Human body and it has been observed that Cancer cells which spread through metastasis include Oral cavity as well.

Here we are going to list out the most common regions in the Oral cavity which are the sites for Metastasis and the type of metastasis as well.

Most common Site of Metastasis of cancer in Maxilla:

  • Maxillary Tuberosity or the Molar region

Why is Max Tuberosity the most common Site of Metastasis:

  • In Oral cancer the spread of Cancer or Metastasis is mainly through Blood or Hemaotgenous Spread or Cancer. The Tumour cells tend to be deposited in the “Vascular Medullary tissue”.


We all know that Mandible is the most common site of Metastasis in the Oral cavity. In the case of Maxilla the Maxillary Tuberosity is the most common site of Metastasis as it is highly Vascular compared to the other regions, so in the presence of teeth, the most common site is Molar Region. Maxillary Carcinoma which involves the Palate can spread to the Sinus cavity as it enlarges and extends upwards towards the Sinus floor.

Investigations for diagnosis of Maxillary Carcinoma:

Incisional biopsy of the lesion under local anesthetic, an orthopantomogram, and a computed tomography (CT) scan of the thorax, neck, and mandible

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common carcinoma of the Oral cavity and it can spread through Lymphatics and the most common affected Lymph nodes are the Cervical Lymph nodes. It is very important to know the metastatic sties of Cancer to help in identifying the sites and making sure that precautions are taken by patients to prevent further spread in the Body.

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