Motor Nerves

Motor nerves: These are the nerves which are supplied from the the brain to the muscles and the glands to perform a function, they are used in contracting and relaxing the muscles to perform certain specified functions.

These nerves are made up of many small neurons which are called as motor neurons.

The Motor nerves transmit information to the muscles, organs and glands from the Central nervous system (or) the Brain to perform a function.

Motor Nerves are classified into 3 types based on the tissue or muscle or organ they Supply:

  1. General Visceral Motor Neurons
  2. Special Visceral Motor Neurons
  3. somatic Motor Neurons

Neuromuscular Junction:

  • It is the junctions between the Motor Neuron and the Muscle Fiber where the transfer of impulses takes place which result in the function indicated.
  • The Neuromuscular junction is where the Synapse is located.
  • When a Stimulus is seen a large amount of Neuro Transmitters are produced which pass through the Synapse and interact with the Post synaptic receptors to produce the desired response.



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