Myofunctional appliances in orthodontics are the appliances which take help from the Muscles to act on the desired treatment plan, as the name suggests the muscles are used to bring out desired function.

  1. Tooth Borne Passive Appliances: Activator, Bionator, Herbst Appliance
  2. Tooth Borne active appliances: Expansion Screws, Springs etc
  3. Tissue Borne Passive appliance: Frankel regulator (It is the only passive tissue borne appliance)
  4. Fixed functional appliances: Herbst appliances, MARS, Jasper Jumper
  5. Removable functional appliances: Activator, Bionator, Frankel appliance
  6. Removable Fixed Functional appliance or Semi Fixed appliance: Lip Bumper

Groups of Myofunctional appliances based on their functions: 

  1. Group I (Appliances which Transmits muscle force to the teeth): Oral Screen, Inclined Plane
  2. Group II (Appliances which Reposition the mandible): Activator, Bionator
  3. Group III (Appliances which reposition the mandible by acting on the Vestibule): Frankel appliance, Vestibular Screen