Neural Masticatory Receptors

Neural Masticatory Receptors are the various receptors which act on the muscles and help in their proper function:
  1. Muscle spindles
  2. Golgi tendon organs
  3. Periodontal mechanoreceptors
  4. Mucous membrane receptors
  5. TMJ receptors
1. Muscle spindles:
  • Stretch sensitive specialized receptors that monitor any change in length of the muscle
  • Large number of spindles in mandibular elevators
  • Highest – Fingers
  • Intermediate – Masticatory muscles
  • Low – Limb muscles

2. Golgi Tendon organs:

  • Receptors primarily located at muscle – tendon junctions or TMJ capsule
  • Monitor tension
  • Masticatory muscles do not have golgi tendon organs

3. Periodontal mechanoreceptors:

  • Respond to forces applied to the teeth

4. Mucous membrane receptors:

  • Pressure receptors – palate
  • Touch receptors – tongue

5. TMJ receptors:

  • Free nerve endings (mainly)
  • Ruffini endings
  • Pacinian corpuscles
  • Golgi receptors




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