Artificial Intelligence has been the go to term for all companies dealing in any kind of smart devices ranging from TV’s, Washing machines, Refrigerators etc and Oral-B has made sure that they are not let behind and have showcased the Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush which comes with AI technology. Oral-B has other Electric Toothbrushes which come with Bluetooth connectivity called as smart brushes. The major difference between the two is the inclusion of AI technology which helps in tracking your brushing patterns and letting you know if you left out or missed a spot.

Improper brushing leads to many complications such as Dental Caries, Bad breath, Gingival disease (Gingivitis) or Periodontal Disease. Not just brushing twice a day but knowing how to brush properly is more important, the correct technique is important. There are certain types of brushing techniques in patient suffering with Periodontal Disease.

Oral B Genius X Electric Toothbrush with AI

The AI technology in the Genius X tracks your brushing quadrant after quadrant and notes the amount of time spent on each of the four quadrants and lets you know here you should be spending more time brushing. It comes with thousands of pre-programmed brushing styles and compares your brushing styles to those. It records the amount of force applied and alerts you if you are applying too much pressure which can damage your gums or teeth.

Oral-B says that every persons brushing style is as unique as a Fingerprint and Genius X helps in improving your Brushing style by recording and comparing it to the numerous other tried and tested methods of brushing techniques to improve your oral health. The brush tracks the amount of time taken for brushing and is said to have taken inputs from Dental professionals in designing the tooth brush. Oral-B has provided a travel case which charges the toothbrush and comes with a USB port which lets you charge other devices like your smartphone or camera.

The Oral-B Genius X will be made available in White, Black, Rose Gold, Anthractite Grey and Orchid colors on It will be available starting from September 2019.