Oral Bacteria seen to Aggravate Colo rectal Cancer

Aggressive Colo Rectal cancer cases were found to be having a bacteria specifically – Fusobacterium nucleatum, so a study which concentrated on why is the presence of Fusobacterium seen in Aggressive cases was done. A paper published in the journal EMBO Reports reveal that Fusobacterium nucleatum tends to promote growth of cancer cells but it does not affect noncancerous cells.

According to the study it was reported that, Fusobacterium nucleatum stimulates colorectal carcinoma cells by inducting the Wnt/??catenin modulator Annexin A1. The driver mutations serve as the first, and microbial infection as the second hit to promote cancer progression. The Fusobacterium ucleatum FadA adhesin up-regulates Annexin A1 expression through E-cadherin.

Bacteria in Dental caries seen to Aggrevate Colorectal cancer

Fusobacterium Nucleatum has been seen in Periodontal disease, which produces the FadA adhesin which in the colon lead to molecular reaction in the (cancerous) colon cells leading to rapid multiplication. F. Nucleatum does not cause any reaction which it comes in contact with normal healthy Colon cells. This is because when F. nucleatum comes in contact with cancerous colon cells leads to production of Annexin A1 which promotes growth, whereas when in contact with healthy colon cells there was no production of Aneexin A1.

Prof. Han, said, “We identified a positive feedback loop that worsens the cancer’s progression,” The cancer cells also produce Annexin A1 which attracts the bacteria leading to a cycle effect which leads to production of more protein thus making the cancer cells aggressive.

Colorectal cancer starts as precancerous Polyp which starts to develop in the tissue which lines the colon and rectum. The polyp is seen to develop very slowly in some cases it takes around 20 years. These polyps grow from cells which make up the mucus producing glands in colon and rectum which gives them the name Adenoma.

It is important to note that maintaining good oral hygiene can help in preventing other health problems. Having healthy Gingiva, teeth without decay and overall good oral hygiene is very important in having a healthy body. There have been many studies which link Oral bacteria to Cancers.


“Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes colorectal cancer by inducing Wnt/??catenin modulator Annexin A1” – Journal EMBO reports

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